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Fusion Code and Documentation maturing together

The game of chess is roughly divided into three parts. Opening, middlegame and endgame. There are no fixed rules but a general sense when which phase starts and when it ends. The benefit of this approach is players can develop different strategies and tactics for each phase to win the overall game. We can use phases of chess games as beacons to come up with strategies to solve the problem of code and documentation maturing independently and its unwanted consequences.

Proposed Documentation Drive Development:

1) Opening: let's consider opening in a software project to last until the implementation proposal is prepared. This implementation proposal will contain the database design, strategic design, api contracts and FE portals etc as part of the solution.

After this phase is complete,
a) The developers will prepare a doc which will describe how each feature mentioned n the PRD will be broken down into client facing artifacts like API calls etc.
b) This doc will be shared with the documentation team with some context.

2) Middlegame: The middlegame of the project begins when the project features are actively built and are being QAed.
a) As any client facing feature is QAed, the developer should update the documentation.
b) Documentation team should setup a weekly/ biweekly call with developers to understand the latest changes in the documentation.
c) Documentation team should also be present in Sprint demos to gain further context.
d) Documentation team should decide which kinds of documentation will make most sense for the project. And take help from Dev/QA to accomplish the following kinds of possible documentation:

  • A general guide to introduce users to the project

  • Tutorials to walk people through different use cases

  • FAQs to address frequently asked questions that users may have

  • Troubleshooting guides to help users resolve problems

  • An API reference to provide users with a quick way to look up API information

  • Release notes with known bugs to let users know what to expect in each release

  • Planned features to keep track of and explain what is coming up in the future

  • Video walkthroughs to provide users with a multimedia approach to your software

  • Documenation in Different Languages might be required to cater to bigger audience

e)Program managers should ensure that this process is being followed.

3)Endgame: The endgame begins when the project is deployed on preprod. We assume that by end of middlegame, all the feature's documentation is already ready and available to the clients. During the endgame, the documentation team actively works to make the documentation production ready with active reviews from all the parties involved (dev, product, BAs etc) and complete secondary form of documentations like Tutorials etc.

  • Shivam Gupta
  • Feb 28 2021
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  • Admin
    Kumari Geeta commented
    4 Mar, 2021 04:23pm

    This is a fantastic idea, and could really help with context gain for documentation team and ensure that customer artifacts are documented well saving time of developers in Fusion team.